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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Glamour girls!

Evening all. There is a fab event happening later this year called twinwood festival. It's a great vintage fest here in the uk and as part of this years fun they are holding a miss twinwood glamour pageant! I have entered and it would be so great if you could all pop along and vote for me. I'll post the link to the twinwood page so you can take a look for yourselves and also a link to vote for me.

Thanks all! Love Doris xxxx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Poodle skirts and petticoats........

During the 1950's the 'poodle skirt' became a large staple of everyday fashion. Often worn by teenage girls the poodle skirt designed by  Juli Lynne Charlot became a fun fashion item that many could make easily and cheaply at home. Largely made in felt and heavy fabrics with an applique pattern of a coiffured poodle but later the applique designs moved on to flowers, other animals and birds etc.

Today the poodle skirt is largely associated with retro costumes. But I think it is classic, fun and a quick and easy way to replicate 1950s fashion and glamour. Also they are very easy to make. Once you have made one you can go on to change colours and applique patterns to go with any outfit or occasion.

I have made my own poodle skirt and plan to make allot more! I have attached many pictures of original skirts and patterns to give you some inspiration. Also a you tube video of my own homemade skirt.

My Mum made me a skirt from this original pattern

This is the pattern I used.

This is my first home made skirt.

A pretty applique idea

Audrey Hepburn wearing a circle skirt for a classy daytime look

I love this festive idea!

So I hope you have enjoyed my little look into the poodle circle skirt style!! If you get  the chance to make your own skirt I'd love to see your pictures and hear how you have got on! You can post my pictures to my facebook page -

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxxx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Visiting the swinging 60's!

Hello everyone! I hope youve all had a great weekend? We have and at last the sun came out to see us, it seems to have been raining for so long!

Well today Im going to be looking back at the swinging 60's! As I live in Essex just outside of London I have always been interested in the London scene during the 60's. My Dad was around and 'on the scene' during this time as he was a young thing living near the city he remembers the era well.

My favourite look of the 60's is the MOD look, with haircuts by the now late great Vidal Sassoon, clothing from the likes of Mary Quant and Biba. Some of the bright young things of the day were Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Cilla Black, Lulu, David Bailey and Peggy Moffit.

First of all I want to show you some pictures of Vidal Sassoon and his iconic haircuts. His influence is still felt today within hairstyling e.g Victoria Beckhams recent 'pob' haircut were she had an asymmetric bob cut is very similar to some Sassoon 60's bobs. Also the 'pixie cut' comes from his hair cut on Mia Farrow on the film Rosemary's baby.

Vidal Sassoon cuts Mia Farrow's hair in a 'pixie cut'.
Moving on next to my top three models of the 60's, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Peggy Moffit.


Jen Shrimpton

Jen Shrimpton
Peggy Moffit

Peggy Moffit
The fashion of the 60's was really different to that of the 40's and 50's but in some ways similar, e.g still glam and still holing on to some of the 50' look. But my best look from the 60's comes from Mary Quant -

Mary Quant

Mary Quant clothing

I have been inspired to do a Twiggy makeup look after researching for this blog post! So here is my version of the twiggy look. Next I plan to do Peggy Moffit!

Thanks for taking a look back at the swinging sixties with me!!

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

peggie sue

Hello all my Vintage lovelies! I hope I'm finding you all well? I'm afraid I haven't posted in a few days as my household have all had a really nasty bug that's doing the rounds and Ive been dealing with three sick little girls and a poorly Husband!

But all are back to health now so here I am able to come and speak to you all!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you one of my favourite jewellery makes. This brand of jewellery is all made by the Lovely Peggie Sue jewellery based in my very own Essex. I came across her through a friend on face book and then bumped into her a local vintage fair. That's where I bought my lovely lady face Jubilee special broach. I have since bought a matching pair of earrings and am very fond of the set.

I'm featuring Peggie Sue today and will link to her web page at the bottom of my blog. Please pop along and pay her a visit (and be sure to tell her I sent you!).

She makes the Jewellery out of a lovely material called fimo. I think it looks lovely. All items are made from her own designs. All of her jewellery is beautifully made and extremely reasonably priced.
Here are some pictures of my personal favourite pieces -

I haven't been paid to review Peggie Sue Jewellery the Union Jack lady face broach and earrings are mine which I paid for myself.

So pop along to this page -!/pages/Peggie-Sue-ART/119582758085150 and take a look.

Here is a picture of myself and the lovely lady at a Vintage fair I was working at on Saturday.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxxx