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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Visiting the swinging 60's!

Hello everyone! I hope youve all had a great weekend? We have and at last the sun came out to see us, it seems to have been raining for so long!

Well today Im going to be looking back at the swinging 60's! As I live in Essex just outside of London I have always been interested in the London scene during the 60's. My Dad was around and 'on the scene' during this time as he was a young thing living near the city he remembers the era well.

My favourite look of the 60's is the MOD look, with haircuts by the now late great Vidal Sassoon, clothing from the likes of Mary Quant and Biba. Some of the bright young things of the day were Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Cilla Black, Lulu, David Bailey and Peggy Moffit.

First of all I want to show you some pictures of Vidal Sassoon and his iconic haircuts. His influence is still felt today within hairstyling e.g Victoria Beckhams recent 'pob' haircut were she had an asymmetric bob cut is very similar to some Sassoon 60's bobs. Also the 'pixie cut' comes from his hair cut on Mia Farrow on the film Rosemary's baby.

Vidal Sassoon cuts Mia Farrow's hair in a 'pixie cut'.
Moving on next to my top three models of the 60's, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Peggy Moffit.


Jen Shrimpton

Jen Shrimpton
Peggy Moffit

Peggy Moffit
The fashion of the 60's was really different to that of the 40's and 50's but in some ways similar, e.g still glam and still holing on to some of the 50' look. But my best look from the 60's comes from Mary Quant -

Mary Quant

Mary Quant clothing

I have been inspired to do a Twiggy makeup look after researching for this blog post! So here is my version of the twiggy look. Next I plan to do Peggy Moffit!

Thanks for taking a look back at the swinging sixties with me!!

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxx

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