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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Get ready with me, how I style my short hairstyle

Hello all,

I have recently had my hair cut short again and also gone back to the bright colours.
In this YouTube video I show you how I get ready most days and blow dry short hairstyle.
This hair cut has been based on Rhianna/P!nk/Frankie Sandford.

Hope you enjoy xxx

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Colour B4, my experience x

Evening all!

I am an avid fan of hair colour and have always loved changing the colour of my hair as the mood takes me. I have had so many different colours! From the more conventional black, brown, blonde, all shades of reds, platinum etc to the more outrageous blue, bright red, pinks, tulip etc.

I have been growing my hair now for about a year and have gone from a white blonde pixie crop to a jaw length black bob.  As I love all things vintage and I'm a vintage hair stylist I decided to grow my hair so that I can work some vintage magic on my own locks.

While growing my hair I thought that if i were to dye it a dark colour that it would help with this process as I wouldn't have to worry about roots etc.

well after about three months of having blue black hair I of course got bored and wanted to go lighter. Well I have spent all this time growing my hair and I didn't want to bleach the hell out of it and ruin all my hard work growing it! So I went for highlights followed by an all over dark red. The result was pretty but still a bit boring. So two weeks ago I used colour B4 for the first time.

I'm not going to go into a lengthy blow by blow account of how to use the product but if you read the instructions properly it's easy to use.

Colour B4

 Well after an hour on my hair and and 15 minuets rinsing I had bright blonde highlights and a dark copper hair colour but this was light enough. 
My hair after Colour B4

So a week after used the colour remover again. This time my hair went much lighter and I was able to apply direction hair dye in fire and rose red mixed together And got a Lovely  dark red/pink.

I have used directions so many times and I'm always pleased with the results.

Lovely soft hair with such vibrant colour! Ordinarily I would pre lighten my hair before the colour but the colour remover did lighten my hair just enough!

Since first writing this blog post two months ago I have now lightened my hair as it has rested it enough after removing the colour. I have also cut my hair into a 1960s inspired asymmetric mod hair style. after pre lightening and colouring with directions flamingo pink I now have healthy looking, shiny vibrant colour!!! I love it!!

Soo thats enough of me waffling on her are the results!!!


Thanks for Reading! 
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Love to all, Doris xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Vintage Valentine

Well happy Valentines day! I hope you've all had a lovely romantic day?
My husband bought a beautiful handmade card from Papyrus it is really lovely with two cute little felt fox's on it!
lovely card from my lovely Husband!

My Lovely Valentines card from my gorgeous Husband! 

I thought I would share some vintage valentines that I have found on line. Some are not what we would send today and others are really sweet!

Which is your favourite of these lovely old cards? I really like the one with the vegetables on it!
We also have some of my favourite chocolate's to eat and some bubbly too!

So Happy Valentines Day all my fab vintage lovelies!

Thanks for reading, love Doris xxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bettie Page - A classic vintage hairstyle!

Bettie Page was a famous and controversial model from the 1950's.  She is now remembered for her iconic hairstyle with her short fluffy fringe (bangs).

Bettie Page

In the vintage and rockabilly scene many girls rock the Bettie bangs!
If you decide to go for the chop when you go to the hairdressers you need to ask for a short u shape fringe (bangs).

Bernie Dexter - modern pinup model


When styling this short fringe I use a curling tong to curl under the ends and then comb through.

 Here are my Bettie bangs

Alternatively if you don't want to cut your hair but you'd still like to have this look sometimes you can try a "bumper bang" / faux bang style.

This is where you take the front your hair and curl it under either with pin curls, rollers or curling tongs. Then back comb underneath and brush it into a forward roll. Now  pin into place at the sides tucking the pins in at the sides.

Here is a fantastic tutorial for the bumper bang hairstyle by the fabulous Jenn over at A Vintage Vanity!

I hope this has been helpful in you deciding on this style!
Thanks for reading,
Love Doris xxxxx