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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

November Makeup Haul featuring the new Mabelline Fit Me range

Hello everyone.

Today I filmed my first makeup haul/product review video. I have been buying some new makeup in the last few weeks and I'm really pleased with it all so I thought I would share my thoughts on these  items with you all.

First up is the new makeup range from Mabelline. It's called Fit Me and its a range of foundations, concealer's and powders. I'm very pleased with these, the coverage is lovely. You can build it up if you want to and it leaves my skin feeling light and not greasy. The colour match is also really good.

Mabelline Fit Me
I bought a new eye brow powder set from Nyx. I normally use Benefit Browzings in dark but I have changed my hair colour to black recently and the colour match between my hair and eyebrows wasn't great so I decided to shop around for a new one and found this. I love it!!! The colours great, it blends beautifully and looks great.

Nyx Eyebrow cake powder
My new eyeshadow palette is Fraulein 38 eyeshadow colour pallet. I must say I'm very pleased with this item too. The price was great. It cost me less than £10.00 and it has about 120 colours in!! Its fab, each little shadow isn't very big but there are so many that you should be able to create so many different looks to keep you going with this item for ages!

Fraulein 38 Eyeshadow Colour Palette

Coastal Scents camo quad colour corrector. This is another item I'm really pleas does conceal  with this product. The coverage is great and really does cover dark circles and red patches. use the yellow or lilac colour to hide dark circles under the eyes and the green or pale blue to cover red spots or red patches.
Coastal Scents Camo Quad Colour Corrector

 And finally Avon true colour quad in feme fatale. this is a lovely little eye shadow palette. great coloures, Great coverage  and a good looking product. T
Avon true colour eyeshadow quad, femme fatale

Here is my Youtube Video to go with this blog post -

I hope you have  enjoyed this post and that maybe it has been helpful to you.

Thanks for reading,

Love Doris

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

She's alive........ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I'm looking at more vintage inspired Halloween ideas and I've come up with The Bride of Frankenstein. This film is from 1935 and was a sequel to the original Frankenstein. Some people think that the sequel was better than the original Frankenstein but I love them both, what's your take on this?

The Bride of Frankenstein s one of those classic 'Old Hollywood  Monster Movies' and  you can't really get more vintage than the original 1935 movie staring Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester and Colin Clive.

You can look this movie u here -

To achieve this look I backcombed my hair leaving out two sections next to the ears. Then I pulled back in a beehive shape and loosely waved the side sections using a curling iron. Next I put talcum powder on the parts of the hair and pinned them up with the rest of hair. My hair s too short for this really so it looks a little bit messy but if your hair is longer then it should work really well. Of course the easy option is to buy a wig.

here's the list of products I used to achieve this look -
Maxfactor pan stick in fair
StarGazer foundation in white,
StarGazer pressed powder in white
Marks and Spencer eye and cheek bronzing stick in russet
Solait bronzing puff in golden glow
Benefit browzings in dark
Benefit big beautiful eyes eye contour kit
white eye shaddow
Black liquid eye liner
black mascara
false eye lashes
collection 2000 lip definer in damson
Famous by Sue Moxley lipstick in shade 2

Here are the pictures I used as inspiration -

Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein

Here's my finished look

This is how I did this makeup look

Thanks for reading, 
Love Doris 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

This is Halloween..............Zombie pinup

Today I have been thinking about Halloween and how I could link it to the whole vintage/pinup look. So I started having a look at Halloween pinup pictures on google and came across some zombie pinups.

I thought to myself well this looks like fun! So I have done my own version of this fun Halloween look and made a video of how I achieved this makeup look.

The products I used god this are as below -

Snazaroo face paint in sparkle green and snazaroo facepaint in pale/mint green.
Star gazer pressed powder in white,
Benefit browzings in dark,
Avon true colour eye shadow quad in femme fatale,
Barry M blusher.
Rimmel colour rush quad eyeshadow in 014 bold behaviour,
Black liquid eye liner,
Black eyeliner pencil,
Rimmel volume flash scandaleyes mascara in black,
False lashes,
Red lip pencil,
MAC Russian red matte lipstick
Barry M lipgloss in 212.

Here are some pictures that I used as inspiration and my finished look.




What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?

Thanks for reading,

Love Doris xxxx

Friday, 5 October 2012

Vivien of Holloway - which dress should I go for?!!!

Afternoon all.

I hope you're all having a great Friday and looking forward to a great weekend?

It's my Birthday at the end of October and when asked by my recently by my lovely husband how I would like to spend the day I told him how I would love to have a day trip to London and visit the Vivien of Holloway shop. I have shopped online with them before bug have never been in store! I can not wait to get in there and try on all the lovely 1940s and 1950s inspired clothing.
What I'm after most is a new dress for my Christmas party with all my friends. There are two dresses I have seen online but can't decide between the two! I will pop pictures below and you can tell me what you think.

Has anyone been into this shop before? Is it as lovely as I imagine it to be?

I have bought a pair of 1940s swing jeans on the online shop and they are great. I will link to my Youtube outfit of the day video for these too.

So let me know which dress you prefer in the comments box and I will come back with a blog post telling you all which dress I went for,

Thanks for reading,

Love Doris xxxx

Monday, 17 September 2012

A perfect Princess

Hello all,

After the recent unpleasantness in the press of the duchess of Cambridge and those topless photos I thought I would write a short post to show her my support.

This is just my personal opinion but I really don't think that if she chooses to sunbathe with her top on or off when she's sunbathing on private property is anyone's business. I feel the royal family deserves some privacy and private space of there own as much as anyone.

So I view of this it got me thinking of other princesses past and thought I would share some of my favourite pictures of the duchess of Cambridge. Princess Diana, princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth ii when she was still a Princess and Princess Grace of Monaco.

So that's my little rant over,

Thanks for reading,

Love Doris xxxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hand made pill box hat

After my last post on pill box hats I was inspired to make my own! I'm rather pleased with how it's turned out and I'm going to make another one and post a step by step guide so you all can make your own vintage inspired pill box hat too.
I would love to see your own homemade hats or you'd favourite vintage hats. So please feel
Free to post a pic on my facebook page here -

Thanks for reading,
Love Doris xxxxx

Monday, 3 September 2012

The pillbox hat

Hello all,

Today I'm going to be looking at the classic pillbox hat. This style of hat is a classic style of vintage hat and can still be found today in a more modern version of the original.

The pillbox hat was made famous during the 1960s by jackie Kennedy who liked to the style with classic channel style suits. One of the most famous of her outfits with this style hat is that pink and black channel suit.

During my pillbox hat research I have found vintage sewing and knitting patterns going back to the 1940s. This style of hat is relatively simple to make at home depending on how fancy you want to get.
Here are a couple of links to pillbox DIY tips -

Another type of pillbox hat is that of the air stewardess of the 1960s as seen recently in the popular tv program Pan Am.

Heres a few examples of pill box hats.

Thanks for reading.

Love Doris xxx