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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dita Von Teese nails how to

Here is the ever beautiful Dita Von Teese the woman dubbed 'The Queen of burlesque'. I personally think that Dita is one the most beautiful women in the world and without question one of the most glamorous. Now I would give my right arm to look like Dita, but life is what it is and I have had 3 children! So my own little way to get a bit of Dita in my look is to do the half moon manicure like she wears.

The half moon manicure first came about during the 1930's and the fashion continued into the 1940's. The more traditional way of wearing this nail varnish style is to paint the nails in a bright red and leave the 'moon' section at the bottom of the nail nearest the finger bare. The more updated version is as the above but the moon section is often painted white or a silver colour.

If you really want to update this look then why not use bright contrasting colour like black and red?

Start the manicure with clean varnish free nails and file to your desired shape.

Then you can paint the whole nail whatever base colour you've decided on or stick on some nail guards and start painting your main colour. (You can paint them freehand but it takes a little practise!) 

Good luck I hope your nails turn as lovely as Dita's!

Love Doris xxx

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