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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Silver screen sirens from times gone by

Hi, in this post and some to follow I'm going to be talking about my favourite screen sirens of the past.
I'd love you to comment at the bottom of this post and tell me your views on the ladies I will be disscussing and also tell me about your favourites that I may have missed!

  • Well first and foremost I have to start with my personal favourite (hence the name of my blog. I'm not really called Doris you know!) The wonderfull Doris Day.


Not only does she have the most wonderfull voice but she also is a fantastic actress! It is very difficult for me to tell you my most favourite Doris film as there are so many so I will give you a few of my favourites -
Love me or leave me, Calamity Jane, Pillow Talk, On Moonlight Bay, Pillow Talk, By the light of the silvery moon, move over darling, The man who knew too much and Please don't eat the daisies but too name a few.

I love her singing voice and my all time favourite song is Lve me or leave from the film with the same tittle.
Her beautifull smilling face and blonde hair always makes me smile.

  • Now on to somone a bit sexier - The ever fabulous Marilyn Monrore who is next in line of my favourite famous ladies.
Everything about her oozed sexieness and bubblienes (although behind closed doors there was a very different story going on).


Like Doris I also rate Marilyn as asinger, not in the same powerfull way as Doris but in her own little way Marilyn got hold a tune. My personal best film of hers is Gentlemen preffer blondes (co starring another of my top sirens Jane Russell) followed by Some Like it Hot. My other Marilyn films I like are How to Marry a millionaire, Niagra, The Prince and the Show girl and Somethings got to give.
Her times beauty is still inspiration to many and her legacy will live on.

  • Next in Line is the lovely and classicly stylish Audrey Hebrun.
Audrey Hepburn was known for her clean line fashion and small frame and delicate face.

My favourite Audrey film is My fair Lady followed by Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffeneys, Roman Holliday and Funny face.

  •  The next Lady is Jane Russel who co stars in one of my all time favourite films Gentlemen preffer blonds. I remember as a child watching the opening dace sequence where Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe sing the song Little Rock in  the most fantastic costumes -

Well Thats's all for now I will be back later with sosme more Silver Screen Sirens and Vintage glamour how to's.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxxx

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