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Thursday, 23 February 2012

I Love Lucy!

Good morning all,

I have been playing around with my hair the last few days and i came accross the following hair style that i took inspiration from the famous Lucile Ball from the american tv show I Love Lucy.
Lucile Ball had a hair style that was famous in the 1950's called a poodle cut. This hairstyle was a short cut that was then curled or permed to give the 'poodle' look.
Now Im not saying she looked like a poodle thats just the name of the hair style! I think its a soft pretty alternate way to give short hair the vintage look that you can find hard to achieve with out curl.

As you can see I have tucked the sides of my hair behind my ears and curled the top, slightly longer layers to give the look of Lucy.

And here is a colour version of my hair before its curled and as you can see its naturally really straight. So the helping hand of small velcro rollers used on dry hair sprayed with hairspray then heated with a hair dryer helped me get the look of Lucy -

So I'll be later today probably as Im off to visit my local vintage shop Top to toe vintage clothing in Billericay, Essex. So I will hopefully take some photos of what I buy or find or try on.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris x.


  1. I must admit the look inspired me too - I have an Old English Sheepdog cut - very fetching!

  2. Thanks dad, good to know I'm inspiring people already!