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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vintage patterns

Off to the material shop with my mum in the morning to get some material to make them this skirt and a dress (Can't decide which one yet) can't wait!

Messing around with my phone

Just been mucking around with my phone and got this pic, I think its pretty good for a phone photo!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Great vintage style bag

Just found this lovely vintage style bag on it's only £13!! Lovely think I might have to get myself one of these and a matching purse!

Love Doris x

Silver screen sirens from times gone by

Hi, in this post and some to follow I'm going to be talking about my favourite screen sirens of the past.
I'd love you to comment at the bottom of this post and tell me your views on the ladies I will be disscussing and also tell me about your favourites that I may have missed!

  • Well first and foremost I have to start with my personal favourite (hence the name of my blog. I'm not really called Doris you know!) The wonderfull Doris Day.


Not only does she have the most wonderfull voice but she also is a fantastic actress! It is very difficult for me to tell you my most favourite Doris film as there are so many so I will give you a few of my favourites -
Love me or leave me, Calamity Jane, Pillow Talk, On Moonlight Bay, Pillow Talk, By the light of the silvery moon, move over darling, The man who knew too much and Please don't eat the daisies but too name a few.

I love her singing voice and my all time favourite song is Lve me or leave from the film with the same tittle.
Her beautifull smilling face and blonde hair always makes me smile.

  • Now on to somone a bit sexier - The ever fabulous Marilyn Monrore who is next in line of my favourite famous ladies.
Everything about her oozed sexieness and bubblienes (although behind closed doors there was a very different story going on).


Like Doris I also rate Marilyn as asinger, not in the same powerfull way as Doris but in her own little way Marilyn got hold a tune. My personal best film of hers is Gentlemen preffer blondes (co starring another of my top sirens Jane Russell) followed by Some Like it Hot. My other Marilyn films I like are How to Marry a millionaire, Niagra, The Prince and the Show girl and Somethings got to give.
Her times beauty is still inspiration to many and her legacy will live on.

  • Next in Line is the lovely and classicly stylish Audrey Hebrun.
Audrey Hepburn was known for her clean line fashion and small frame and delicate face.

My favourite Audrey film is My fair Lady followed by Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffeneys, Roman Holliday and Funny face.

  •  The next Lady is Jane Russel who co stars in one of my all time favourite films Gentlemen preffer blonds. I remember as a child watching the opening dace sequence where Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe sing the song Little Rock in  the most fantastic costumes -

Well Thats's all for now I will be back later with sosme more Silver Screen Sirens and Vintage glamour how to's.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxxx

Monday, 27 February 2012

My new beautifull pin up shoes!!!

Here are my lovely new shoes from pin up couture -

They are just beautifull and I LOVE them!!

Take a look at some of their range, they are lovely!

Love Doris xxx

Short curly vintage hair

Here's some pictures updated from the short hair tutorial.

I think the next tutorial will be of a 1920's look and I think I will also do the make up too.

Please let me know if there is one look in particular you are after. Also I'd like you all to tell me some names of famous silver screen sirens that you would like tutorials for i.e Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn etc.

Thanks and keep reading

Love Doris xxx

vintage short hair or I Love Lucy tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to get a vintage hair style on short hair like mine. I think it looks a bit like an I love Lucy (Lucille Ball) style too.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

Thanks love Doris xxxx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Here is a  very small collection of some of my pictures. The fascinators were made by moi as was the Rocky Horror usherette costume.

Enjoy, Love Doris xxx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Doris x

Here's a photo I just did on my phone x

Dita Von Teese nails how to

Here is the ever beautiful Dita Von Teese the woman dubbed 'The Queen of burlesque'. I personally think that Dita is one the most beautiful women in the world and without question one of the most glamorous. Now I would give my right arm to look like Dita, but life is what it is and I have had 3 children! So my own little way to get a bit of Dita in my look is to do the half moon manicure like she wears.

The half moon manicure first came about during the 1930's and the fashion continued into the 1940's. The more traditional way of wearing this nail varnish style is to paint the nails in a bright red and leave the 'moon' section at the bottom of the nail nearest the finger bare. The more updated version is as the above but the moon section is often painted white or a silver colour.

If you really want to update this look then why not use bright contrasting colour like black and red?

Start the manicure with clean varnish free nails and file to your desired shape.

Then you can paint the whole nail whatever base colour you've decided on or stick on some nail guards and start painting your main colour. (You can paint them freehand but it takes a little practise!) 

Good luck I hope your nails turn as lovely as Dita's!

Love Doris xxx

Vintage Hair Tutorial On Short Hair

Ok so here it is my first tutorial post!! I'm so excited this is my first ever youtube video. I hope you like it!!
Love Doris xxx

1950's style outfit

Here is my 1950's inspire outfit from a night out last night. I'm wearing a black circle skirt with hell bunny petticoat, a black long sleeve v neck top and crop black jacket. The shoes are my lovely Irregular choice ones. And too finish off the look and give me to much sought after 50's curves a black cinch belt.
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I'm going to do some vintage make up looks this weekend if there is anything you want me to do just comment below in the comments box and I'll try and get it up here ASAP.

Love Doris x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Nighty nighty all

Just a quick post to say night night. I will be back over the weekend with some make up how to's and vintage fashion ideas.

Love Doris x

Vintange Shop buys and pretty shoes

Just a quick post to show you the vintage bits I bought this week and two of my favourite pairs of shoes ever!

In the picture below are the jewellery pieces I got earlier in the week -

All the above items came from Top to toe vintage at Barleylands in Essex and they all cost around £3.00. A real bargain I think!

Also from the same shop are this blouse (£7.00) and this dress (£15.00).

Now on to the shoes I'm going to show you. They are new shoes not from a vintage shop but like I say in my about me info I do like to mix new and vintage.

Both of these pairs of shoes are from the brand Irregular Choice and I bought them from Schuh in Blue water (a shopping mall in Kent). And I hope you agree that are totally stunning!

That's it for now I'll be back later. Thanks for reading,

Love Doris x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I Love Lucy!

Good morning all,

I have been playing around with my hair the last few days and i came accross the following hair style that i took inspiration from the famous Lucile Ball from the american tv show I Love Lucy.
Lucile Ball had a hair style that was famous in the 1950's called a poodle cut. This hairstyle was a short cut that was then curled or permed to give the 'poodle' look.
Now Im not saying she looked like a poodle thats just the name of the hair style! I think its a soft pretty alternate way to give short hair the vintage look that you can find hard to achieve with out curl.

As you can see I have tucked the sides of my hair behind my ears and curled the top, slightly longer layers to give the look of Lucy.

And here is a colour version of my hair before its curled and as you can see its naturally really straight. So the helping hand of small velcro rollers used on dry hair sprayed with hairspray then heated with a hair dryer helped me get the look of Lucy -

So I'll be later today probably as Im off to visit my local vintage shop Top to toe vintage clothing in Billericay, Essex. So I will hopefully take some photos of what I buy or find or try on.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris x.

My first Post!

My first post!

Well this is very exciting for me, my first post as Vintage Doris!
This is just a quick one as I'm just sorting out a few bits and bobs to go on this page for you all but today I'm going to show you one of my new finds. Its a lovely dress in a 1950's style from a fab shop in Brighton called Dolly Dagger. Here is the web address for the on line shop -

This dress is so flattering and also comfy, I wore it to a wedding last weekend and so many people said how nice it looked.  I put on my Hell Bunny black 50's style petticoat underneath and it made the skirt stick so much it was really pretty.

So thanks for taking a look at my first blog, I'll be back really soon with details of my new vintage finds and how to get several vintage looks.

Thanks, Love Doris x

P.S Here are freshly painted Dita Von Teese / 30's and 40's style nails let me know if you want a tutorial post on these. x