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Monday, 17 September 2012

A perfect Princess

Hello all,

After the recent unpleasantness in the press of the duchess of Cambridge and those topless photos I thought I would write a short post to show her my support.

This is just my personal opinion but I really don't think that if she chooses to sunbathe with her top on or off when she's sunbathing on private property is anyone's business. I feel the royal family deserves some privacy and private space of there own as much as anyone.

So I view of this it got me thinking of other princesses past and thought I would share some of my favourite pictures of the duchess of Cambridge. Princess Diana, princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth ii when she was still a Princess and Princess Grace of Monaco.

So that's my little rant over,

Thanks for reading,

Love Doris xxxx


  1. Well said! :D Lovely photos you picked!

  2. Thanks, I just think there are already going down the same route they went with Diana and its unfair harassment! Le them have there holiday for goodness sake xx