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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Poodle skirts and petticoats........

During the 1950's the 'poodle skirt' became a large staple of everyday fashion. Often worn by teenage girls the poodle skirt designed by  Juli Lynne Charlot became a fun fashion item that many could make easily and cheaply at home. Largely made in felt and heavy fabrics with an applique pattern of a coiffured poodle but later the applique designs moved on to flowers, other animals and birds etc.

Today the poodle skirt is largely associated with retro costumes. But I think it is classic, fun and a quick and easy way to replicate 1950s fashion and glamour. Also they are very easy to make. Once you have made one you can go on to change colours and applique patterns to go with any outfit or occasion.

I have made my own poodle skirt and plan to make allot more! I have attached many pictures of original skirts and patterns to give you some inspiration. Also a you tube video of my own homemade skirt.

My Mum made me a skirt from this original pattern

This is the pattern I used.

This is my first home made skirt.

A pretty applique idea

Audrey Hepburn wearing a circle skirt for a classy daytime look

I love this festive idea!

So I hope you have enjoyed my little look into the poodle circle skirt style!! If you get  the chance to make your own skirt I'd love to see your pictures and hear how you have got on! You can post my pictures to my facebook page -

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxxx


  1. You certainly have me itching to get back to my sewing machine! more week! :D

  2. My Grandma cut down a grey felt circle skirt that was my aunts to fit me when I was 11 or 12. Loved it forever. No poodle though.

  3. Fabulous post- I had no idea who the original designer was! I have seen a few original poodle skirts "in the wild" as my girlfriend and I call it and they are just amazing! I made my own Christmas poodle skirt modeled after the one in your post and wore it this past Christmas. I desperately want to find time to make a kitty poodle skirt too! x Brittany

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  5. The poodle skirt really is one of the best images of the 50's. I love the different pictures all are so cute. The fact that you actually sew your own is impressive to me. I don't think I could get back onto my machine after the disaster I created last time. Great job!

    1. Thanks so much. It's really a very easy pattern to sew. You should give it a whirl and get back to sewing you never no what you might make! Thanks for reading xxxxx

  6. Your videos and pics looks gorgeous, i hope you might have been a designer dealing with Adult Poodle Skirts