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Monday, 4 June 2012

HRH the Queen of 1950s fashion!

As a special celebration blog entry I'm
Looking back at the fab fashions that HRH Queen Elizabeth ii wore in her youth and especially in the 50s. I'm also looking at some of the late Princess Margaret's clothes too as she was also a style icon.
Now I'm not a historian or royal expert but just a loyal subject wanting to celebrate 60 years of wonderful reign from our monarch!
In her younger days the queen was at the top of the fashion stakes, even today she is always polished and dressed beautifully.
My personal favourite era of hers in the style stakes was the during 1950s as this was the decade that she came to the throne, here's some pictures for you to see what I'm talking about.
And also some pictures of her equally stylish sister, princess Margaret.

I hope her majesty has a great diamond jubilee and has many more years as our Queen!

Thanks for reading, love Doris xxxx