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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Vintage pin ups

Hello my vintage lovelies,

Today I am sharing with you some pictures of my favourite classic vintage pin up girls.

I think the term pin up can be quite broadly. All of these lovely ladies are what I would call pin ups as they were some of the most desirable ladies of the time.

I do plan on doing a pin up or 1950's make tutorial next so keep your eyes peeled for my personal take on the pin up style.

The top picture is a lovely one of Betty Grable posing as cupid.  Then we have Rita Hayworth (I love her hair!). Followed by probably the most infamous pin up Bettie Paige (google her, you'll see why!)
Then we have Diana Dors,  another photo of Betty Grable, Jane Mansfield and last but by no means least probably the most famous pin up of all time Marilyn Monroe.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris.

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