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Sunday, 1 April 2012

New vintage fair finds

Hi everyone,

Well Ive had a very busy weekend, two vintage fairs and an ill Husband.
The first Vintage fair I went to was yesterday (31st March) and it was in Chelmsford, The Vintage and Makers Market in Shire Hall. It was the first of a few they have running through the summer. I have a vintage hair and makeup stall at one on 26th May but more about that another time.

Anyway there were lots of lovely vendors there a yummy tea room and some handmade items. I bought a lovely 1950's crop blouse (doubles up a great little jacket) from the love Truly Madly Vintage and also a pair of apple earrings. The people running fair and all the Vendors were lovely and friendly and I highly recommend it. I will list the dates at the bottom of this post.


Then today (Sunday 1st April) I went off to the South Essex Vintage and Retro fair in South Benfleet. Once again lovely people, great music playing in the background with a lovely mix of jewellery and clothing. Now today I bought 3 broaches.  One was a lovely sparkly cherry it goes with  loads of my clothes (I love red!).
Next was a lucky Ptarmigan Claw, this is lovely and came in its original box with original tag. It looks like new and has been looked after very well. I love it! The Ptarmigan foot broaches and Grouse foot broaches are collect able pieces of Scottish Jewellery and were originally worn on Kilts, shawls and cloaks. This style of jewellery became fashionable the Victorian era and was worn on hunting trips for good luck.
My next Lovely find was a handmade broach of a woman's face with a Union Jack hat on. Although not Vintage it is beautifully made and so stylish and lovely. This little gem is made by Peggie Sue Jewellery and she has some really lovely  stuff available. I will pop a link to her Face book page at the bottom. Why not go and take a look and tell her I sent you!

I have some exciting photo shoots coming up for my Vintage hair and makeup venture Bombshell Boutique Makeovers at www.facebook.combombshellboutiquemakeovers and I will post those when they are ready.

Forth coming dates for the Vintage and Makers Market in Chelmsford Essex - 28th April, 26th May, 30th June, 8th July and 26th August.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Vintage weekend as much I did living it.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxx


  1. OMG! What awesome vintage finds! Love the apple earrings!!!! Congrats on all the photo shoots too! Yeah!!!! xox

  2. Thanks bunny xxxxx I. So happy with them, they look lovely on xx