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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bright red hair dye tutorial

Evening all,

I've just coloured my hair again this evening and thought I would turn the process into a tutorial video as I get asked about my hair colour allot.

This technique works for all bright/crazy colours but I am using the colour fire at the moment. The products I use are Directions hair dye in fire and Crazy Colour also in fire. Both colour's work equally as well it just depends on what I have at home at the time as to which one I use.

At the end of this video I have included some pictures of some of my past hair colour's and styles.

I hope this is useful if you want to colour your hair.

Thanks for reading, Love Doris xxx


  1. only trouble is it runs like mad when u sweat exspelly whe in gym.which is a real pain when your warking out and u got red stricks going down your face.but it is a lush colour

  2. you're a cutie pie!!!