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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Where did you get that hat?....

Those were the days when all you needed in life to see you through was a good hat and pair of gloves "for best". I personally love hats and a rather large collection mainly of vintage style hats. I also make cocktails hats and fascinators and so would love to go back to the times when everyone wore a hat everyday.
These days hats seem to be reserved for weddings, the races and cold weather with the exception of  a sun hat, but alas most sunhats are not what I would call glamour es.  Never the less when dressing in the vintage style what better way to top off the look than with a beautiful hat! I'm going to show you some of my favourite styles of hats from days gone by and then some of my own collection.

I love all these vintage girls in there lovely hats, they look like such fun.

This is a lovely 1940's turban style hat

The ever elegant Grace Kelly in a times classic piece of millinery. I love the dark glasses with too, so classy.

Two very Chic 1050's ladies here with there matching suits

And this is a cloche hat from the 1920's, I like her fox fur, Classic vintage.

This is an example of a sewing pattern that ladies would have had at home to make a hat to match every outfit.
This is a picture from the front of a sewing pattern for a hat and bag that I have just bought. When I get the time to make it I'll show the end result.

Here is a beautiful handmade hat I recently wore in a vintage fashion show
This is my "Red White and Blue fascinator I recently made for 2012 for the Olympics and The Queen's Jubilee

If all else fails and you still want the vintage look a beret is a quick and easy way to add a little bit of classic vintage style to your winter wardrobe. And you can pick cheaply from almost any high street shop.

Here is my lovely 1920's style cloche my sister bought for Christmas.

This is my little heart shaped 1950's nspired burlesque style fascinator, I love it!

And here is a small section of my fascinators that I have made.
This one is a small pill box in the style of an usherette hat

This one I used the lips that bought off ebay and customised it with the red base and feathers.

And here is my apple or tomato hat (I can't decide which it looks like more!). I love the tiny Ladybirds crawling all over it.

And that's all for no, I 'll be back soon.
Thanks for reading, Love Doris


  1. You look fabulous, I love that outfit. And, I love your blog. Glad I discovered it on blogger. ;0

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  3. love your hats